Demboh Fest 2019



Doors at 20:00

First concert at 20:30

Second concert at 21:30

Third concert at 22:30

(Friday and Saturday)


Petersburg Art Space PAS Hinterhof II

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101

10553 Berlin



Wednesday - Saturday,

4-7 September, 13:00-16:00

Location: Menschenformen,

Manteuffelstraße 20, 10997 Berlin

Price: 20€/1 Day or 60€/4 Days

Limited to 10 participants. 

Please sign up by writing an email to or call the Demboh telephone:



Per Evening: 10€ or 15€ (soli)

Festival pass: 30€ or 50€ (soli)



Pierre Borel - saxophone

Antonio Borghini - bass.

Mia Dyberg - saxophone

Axel Dörner trumpet

Korhan Erel - electronics

Michael Griener - percussion

Joel Grip - bass

Tristan Honsinger - cello

Carina Khorkhordina - trumpet

Léa Lanoë - visuals

Frauke Nowak - movements

Marie Takahashi - viola


Hogir Göregen - davul/percussion

TBA - zurna


Anil Eraslan - cello

Ruben Tenenbaum - violin

Mikail Yakut - accordion

Hat Exhibition by Marina Kern (1948-2019). More info.


Four days of Demboh, workshops with Tristan Honsinger and Halay!

The Berlin-based group Klub Demboh has since spring 2017, on a weekly basis, developed an open and multiform music in which the unexpected often has drastic consequences. Improvisation on the verge of total collapse. Klub Demboh revitalizes the Berlin experimental music scene in its openness, tense precision and dynamic crater of timbres and organized sounds, text and movements.

During the four day festival at Petersburg Art Space, Klub Demboh continues its research of imaginary communication in effort of breaking boundaries and settling new areas within its one of a kind genre, Audio Visual Polyphony. On top of that Das Demboh Fest cross feeds the already broad horizons of the eyes, ears and noses of Berlin by inviting Turkish Halay master Hogir Göregen, and a group with Anil Eraslan performing Anatolian dance music.

To even further give attention to the master improviser Tristan Honsinger - being a sort of door opener and handcraft source of inspiration in the making of Klub Demboh - we facilitate a workshop with him daily. Open for anyone interested in questioning sound, text, and movements and the instant making of it.

And, as an extra late addition to the program, we will present an exhibition of imaginative and functional hats by the recently deceased headdress maker and musician friend, Marina Kern (1948 - 2019).

Hope to se you there! Here? Where!?

General contact:

contact @ klubdemboh . com

telephone: +491639667447

Upcoming Klub Demboh

At the time being we are working on figuring out how and when Klub Demboh will be able to perform again. Most likely we will be back in one form or another in August 2020. 

See you then and stay put put put put!

11.7.2020 17-20uhr

Klub Demboh play Sun Ra

Jazz am Kaisersteg, Hasselwerderstr. 22a, Berlin-Oberschöneweide.