Audiovisual Polyphony in PAS

General contact:

contact @ klubdemboh . com

telephone: +491639667447

Upcoming Klub Demboh

Mondays at Petersburg Art Space (PAS)

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101
10553 Berlin



MON 6.1: Klub Demboh at PAS (with guest Sylvain Kassap)

MON 13.1: No Demboh (preparing for see below)

TUE-SAT 14-18.1: Klub Demboh Plays Sun Ra, under the lead of Simon Sieger, at Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin.

MON 20: Klub Demboh at PAS (with guest Carl Ludwig Hübsch

MON 27: Klub Demboh at PAS